Our Logo

Created by Artist/Designer Emily Kewageshig of Saugeen First Nation

"The word Ashandiwin (to give out or distribute food) was the main focus of this logo. Thinking back to pre-colonial times, our people were self-sustainable, relying solely on the land, plants, and animals to support our good health. The purpose of the Food Centre, as Melissa mentioned to me, was that it will support the overall community to create food sustainability and security. Healing ourselves through food, because food was once one of the most important parts of our culture. This design focuses on the idea of giving, sharing, and helping each other in rebuilding food sovereignty. As seen in the design, there is a link between the giving/receiving hands and the plant growth, referencing our spiritual/cultural connection to the land." ~ Emily Kewageshig

Our Mission

Our Vision

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 Ashandiwin Community Food Centre

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