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Straw light clay is a method of constructing exterior walls with local, natural materials. These walls have a history of lasting up to 1000 years! This is largely due to the ability of these wall systems to handle moisture and control interior relative humidity, as well as surface relative humidity passively. This ensures a healthy, long lasting building enclosure.


Your volunteer efforts will be a hands-on opportunity to help Saugeen First Nation construct their new Community Food Centre. Covid-19 protocols will be in place, however, this will be a great opportunity to come together in an outdoors setting for a great purpose.

Although the workshop in the following video was hosted by others, it gives an approximate idea of what we'll be doing.

Straw Light Clay Volunteer Workshop

for Indigenous Resource Supply Network (IRSN) Member Companies

Date:  August 24 - 29, 2020

Location:  Saugeen First Nation, 32 Mason Dr., Southampton, ON N0H 2L0

As a result of COVID-19, your participation times will be based on the number of registrants, as we may have to stagger times to meet social distancing recommendations.

This workshop is reserved for IRSN member companies only.


Please register and download your workshop package below.  Your package includes instructions on where to find us, what to bring, COVID-19 guidelines, and the necessary waivers for you to participate in our straw light clay workshop.

Please note, you cannot participate unless you arrive onsite with the necessary paperwork filled out.  

Thanks in advance and see you soon!

Download Your Package Now
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 Ashandiwin Community Food Centre

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